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Britain First announce they plan to ‘target elected Muslim officials’

Britain First has announced a campaign of ‘direct action’ against elected Muslim politicians such as Sadiq Khan and Sajid Javid.

The right-wing group, which campaigns against the ‘Islamisation of the UK’, urged followers to join the charge in a newsletter sent out yesterday.

Their call to action described Muslims in positions of authority as ‘occupiers’ and urged people to ‘focus on all aspects of their day-to-day lives and official functions, including where they live, work, pray and so on.’

It appears to be a genuine document and has been widely shared online, but the group has not yet responded to Metro’s request for confirmation.

In fact, there is at least one large factual error in the release as Shafique Shah is no longer mayor of Birmingham. Ray Hassall took up the post in 2015.

The move comes just a few weeks after Britain First made headlines for their London mayoral candidate Paul Golding turning his back when Sadiq Khan gave his acceptance speech.

The ‘direct action’ the group mentioned against Anjem Choudary involved members shouting outside his home in East London.

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